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Christmas Celebration



A selection of open and closed sandwiches:

Roast turkey with cranberry, Chicken with Stuffing and apple,  Ham and pineapple, Tuna Crunch, 

Beef and Tomato, Cheese and pickle and egg mayonnaise Etc

Chicken medallions/Chicken satay

Three savoury items from:
Pork Pie, Vegetable crunchies, samosas, onion bhajis, quiche, pizza, lattices, spring rolls, mini cornish pasties
Seafood Platter

(cod bites, goujons, crabsticks with marie rose dip)

Sweets: (choice of 3 for 25 and upwards)
Christmas star mince tart

Lemon Snow roulade
Black Forest Bar Gateaux


including Disposable plates/napkins

Hot & Cold Buffet

A Selection of Christmas sandwiches

all garnished with salad.

Hot Quiche with various fillings
Hot Potato wedges with a selection of dips
Hot Indian selection
Chicken Goujons and Drumsticks
Fisherman’s Platter

Coleslaw, Waldolf, Italian Pasta and Curried Rice Salads
Crudites and Dips

Christmas Cake with Cheese

Mille Feuille
  Vanilla Panacotta

Christmas Finger Buffet

Beef Fajitas with tomato salsa.

Chilli Cups

Sriracha Chicken Chopsticks

Dipping selection of onion bhajis, vegetable samosas

Jalapeno Peppers, Mozzarella Sticks, Breaded Mushrooms,

Beer Battered Carrots & Green Beans


Mini Selection of

Chocolate Brownies, Winter Berry Chocolate Tarts, Lemon Buttons.

 including disposable plates, cutlery napkins

Cold Christmas Carvery

Platters of Roast Turkey, Roast Ham and Roast Beef



Pork Pie, Broccoli and Stilton Quiche


Potato Salad


Samosas and Onion Bhajis with Minted Yoghurt Dressing


Vol au Vents with Coronation Chicken and Mushroom Fillings


Stuffed Eggs, Cheese and Pineapple/Tomato


Pigs in Blankets


Curried Rice Salad, Coleslaw, Italian Pasta Salad


Buttered French Bread, Crudités Tray with Garlic Mayonnaise and Salsa Dips


Yuletide Trifle

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Snow Storm Pavlova

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